My New Life Challenge

What happens when you mix a crazy idea with an up-for-anything tribe? It’s not quite a night in Vegas, but let me share a story.

See, each New Year’s I do the resolutions-vision boards-word for the year-drill. Then, after a couple of weeks my optimism wanes and by February I’m knocking back wine saying “dang so-and-so and this-and-that for killing my vibe.” Oh, you’ve done it too?

Fed up, I decided that rather than try to change everything at once, I’m just doing one 3-minute activity each day. And to hold myself accountable, I’m inviting my Facebook friends to join in with me.

On January 1st posted the first #MyNewLife activity on my Facebook page and my mind is BLOWN. Here’s the skinny. My expectation was that friends would like a couple of activities (to be nice), then beg me to please stop with the painful upbeat sunshine each day. Indeed they gobbled up these tasks, spitting out their own sunshine, sharing stories of how their lives are shifting.

As for me personally, I’m at that point when the New Years thing wanes and the wine calls. But here is where I’m at this year:

  • I’ve taken a break from alcohol. This was completely out of the blue. I simply don’t crave it.
  • I started organizing my ideas and goals. So many are coming at me each day, I have to get them sorted.
  • I have a 5am morning routine that’s for me. I used to spend this time answering support emails. What a dreadful way to start the day. Instead, I meditate, do yoga, journal and other stuff (blog post to follow)
  • I go for a run at 5:30am. When it’s 8F outside. And still dark. And I love it. Mind you, not too long ago I struggled to wake at 7:30am. (blog post about how to be an early riser to come)
  • I started 2 different classes (online and at a local club)
  • I’ve read 2 books and plan to do at least 18 more by the end of the year.

See what I’m saying friend? My life is changing so rapidly this year, I’m like a kid at Christmas. If you want to jump in on #MyNewLife, just follow my Facebook page. A new activity is posted every day. Here are the first seven just so you can get a taste of what we’re up to.

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