The Morning Routine That Changed My Life

Charles Bukowski once said,”If something bad happens you drink to forget; if something good happens you drink to celebrate; and if nothing happens you drink to make something happen.”

That pretty much sums up my adult life so by time I turned 32, I was a bonafide “take-the-edge-off-aholic”, grateful for society’s blind acceptance of the daily glass of red and my growing collections wine corks to boast about.

In fact, if you threw these 4 rockstars into a blender, and you’ll have a composite sketch of me at 6:30pm most evenings:



It’s a story you’ve heard before: weekend binge drinking in college evolves into weeknight cocktails with work colleagues which lead to the nightly glass of wine sprinkled with occasional girls-nights-out followed by some sobriety recovery.

Then just a few weeks ago (on January 1st to be precise), without planning or New Year’s resolution, I stopped cold turkey. Or, as I prefer, decided to “take a break” from booze.

This isn’t my first long trip down sobriety lane. I journeyed this path after the birth of my boys and while training for races, but this time I came across a new view that perhaps will keep me on this path for a long, long time.

I call the vista “Sacred Sunrise” and it’s my new morning routine. Discover in the book The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod where he outlines a morning routine he calls “SAVERS”; a name that reminds me too much of a discount shopping chain for me to fully embrace. So I renamed the routine Sacred Sunrise and sprinkled it with my own personal touches. I’m embarking on week four and the results have been nothing short of miraculous.


  1. Insomnia. A couple of nights a week I’d lie awake for a solid two hours.
  2. Scattered. Selfemployed +  stay-at-home-mom= walking into a room and forgetting what planet I’m on.
  3. Stressed. Some days I woke feeling stressed. Other days it came on shortly after the kids woke.
  4. Unorganized. See number 2.
  5. Nightly glass of wine. We already discussed this one.


  1. Blissful, uninterrupted sleep. Nothing better. Ask any human.
  2. Wake with energy. Buh-bye Starbucks extra shot.
  3. Far more organized. Have you seen my bullet journal?
  4. Far more focused. Checking things off like cray-zeee!
  5. No sleep aids. And no more sleep aid hangovers.
  6. No drinking. Not even craving the stuff which goes against every fiber of my Catholic upbringing.

So let’s cut to the chase. The word “sacred” stands for Silence – Affirmations – Create – Read – Exercise – Daydream

And this is how a typical morning unfolds:


Wakeup (with no alarm)


Silence: Meditate using Headspace app (it’s the best for newbies), but you could also pray. The key is to be silent.


Exercise: I stretch while I’m waiting for my coffee. Sometimes I’ll go for a run around 6am or catch a yoga class later in the day. I just want move my body for  at least 10 minutes.


Affirmations: I crawl under a blanket and read affirmations that I wrote myself geared around my own goals.


Daydream: First, I visualize how my day will play out, then look at my vision board and close my eyes pretending my dreams already came true.


Create: Most days I write in my diary. But I might also draw, sing in the shower or bake something I’ve never tried before.


Read: I only read self-help type books in the morning. At 10 minutes a day, I should get through at least 20 books this year.


  • Set everything out the night before along with a glass of water.
  • If you’re going for a walk or to a class, have that gear laid out as well.
  • If you’re short on time or the kids happen to be up early, do some activities later in the day.
  • You can overlap activities like listen to an audio book while walking.
  • NO SOCIAL MEDIA BEFOREHAND. I can’t stress that one enough. If you jump on Facebook, not only does it steal precious time, but it also effects the Sacred Sunrise experience.
  • Keep a log (download this one). It keeps you motivated and let’s you know what you should catch up on.
  • Find a Miracle Morning buddy. It’s proven that starting new habits is easier if you have a buddy.
  • The routine becomes second nature by week two, so stick with it!

If you want to give it a try, I suggest breezing through The Miracle Morning book. It’s a quick read (80% of it is selling the idea) but there are some juicy nuggets of knowledge that are worth chomping into.

Lastly, I’d love to know what you think. Were you able to wake early and go through a morning? Do you have your own morning routine? What impact did it make in your life?

PS: I’m also sharing my Sacred Sunrise Checklist so you can keep track of your progress. A good motivator is to write your reward at the end of each week.

Click here to download or on the image to download.



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