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What is the one thing you want most right now? A higher paying job? A hot date? A knock out bod? Here’s the (not so much) secret. Networking is the mojo of grabbing life by the horns and getting all those things. Just two minutes of face-to-face time results into far more powerful and longer lasting relationship that dozens of likes, comments and shares.

You are surrounded by people who want to raise your game and help you hit your goals. Go introduce yourself!

This week’s challenge is to network with at least ten new rock stars – these folks are locked solid on big goals – share business cards and follow up within 24 hours with an email, call or text. Don’t let your card design stop you. Download the template I made for you and run to Kinko’s to get copies. Or just recycle some stuff in a junk drawer by taping your details on them. Think crazy!


Seriously? Networking?

If your head just spat up some not-enough-time, too-boring, stiffs-in-suits, i-am-networking-but-getting-nowhere vomit, then listen up. Get out of your own way.  Those doubts might have protected you from some deep rooted fear of making a fool of yourself, but they are holding you back. Networking is crazy powerful stuff that costs peanuts (if not free). Is talking about your part time pizza delivery job too boring? Then talk about your dream of discovering the best pizza in Italy. That’s we want to learn about anyway. Embarrassed about your last project going bust? Maybe ask her if she has advice. She might become your next brand ambassador. Meeting people is the shortcut to getting what you want in life. And the more people you meet, the more shortcuts you discover.


How to make an unforgettable first impression:

  • Find one thing to offer a sincere compliment.
  • Becoming genuinely interested in them.
  • Listen and encourage them to talk about themselves.
  • Smile.
  • Share your enthusiasm about your ideas.
  • Get the other person eager about your idea and want it.
  • Tell them you’re taking this challenge if you need an ice breaker.
  • Always follow up within 24 hours. Ask them if they can introduce you to someone new.


Places to network without looking like a fool:

  • Local professional networking events (check
  • Your health club or yoga class
  • Your church
  • Your kid’s ballgames

A few last tips:

  • Don’t get hung up on the details. This is practice.
  • Don’t take it seriously. Just have fun.
  • Keep track of everyone you met in your calendar. It helps you remember their names and your anniversary date.


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  • David Doyle

    Hi there,

    I love the business card’s simplicity and I’d like to download the template but keeps going to the 404 error page 🙁

    • admin

      Thanks for letting me know! I updated the link so it should be working now. Carla 🙂

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