3 Books That Bring Our Your Mojo

Most of us have an unlived life that is begging to burst free. It’s evidence haunts us from the unfinished manuscript, the dusty treadmill, the unopened credit card bill.  Ever wanted to live in another country? Perform on a stage? Or build your own company? Yes, me too.

My fear, resistance, and self doubt is like an overprotective Italian mother who never wants me to leave home. She’s scared I’ll get hurt, broke, or hang out with the bad kids. Her voice is toxic and loud and so full of conviction, I almost believe her.

But I found a way to drown her out – I listen to audiobooks. They are ferocious. I listen to them all day long; getting the kids, going to the store or on a walk. I can breeze through one in a couple of days, so the best ones I listen to twice. So far, here are the top three that have truly shut down my Italian mother (with a warm hug, of course):


You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero

Jen’s edgy, in your face humorous style is pure motivation. If you’re a self-help junkie like myself, you most likely won’t find anything new here. But what sets this book apart is that it’s approachable and engaging. Sincero’s obsession for making you more passionate drips off every page.

Badass is a quick read packed with actionable steps to make improvements to your quality of life the minute you read the page. I’ve read it twice, and given copies of it to at least ten friends.




10X Rule by Grant Cardone

Grant’s enthusiasm and motivation is insanely contagious. Perhaps my biggest take away is that we are all underachieving in some way. It’s not because we’re lazy but rather we underestimate the activity level required to launch a new product, make sales or create a
successful marketing funnel. To prepare for this, we need to think ten times bigger too. It’s not about getting rich (like Think and Grow Rich) or action only. Action without the right thought behind it spins your wheels.

If you can bare it, try to listen at 2x speed (or 1.5x) to make it even more entertaining.



The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

I’ve gotten more done in the last two days since listening this book than in the two months prior. Steven boils motivation and procrastination down to a digestable nugget that you can swallow whole. It makes you realize that the only reason you haven’t finished writing your book, restoring your car, that degree, or your unpainted fence is because you need to get out of your own way. There’s no such thing as, “I don’t have time.” The only reason you don’t have time for what you want to do is because you are resisting making it happen. Once you become aware of this resistance, it’s no longer holds you captive.

In the past 48 hours, I cleaned out my house, paid off my bills, got three speaking engagements and planned a family trip. I’ve also ran 12 miles and spent two days playing with my kids.  (And wrote this blog post)

What books have shut down your Italian mother? I’d love to know!

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