Call Me Crazy

Let the crazies rule the world for they aren’t any different than you and me. Let’s be honest, crazy actually smells pretty delicious and tempting. It’s freedom wrapped in bliss, topped with side-splitting laughter with everyone looking.

Let’s tip our toes in crazy and act like we don’t care. Just for an afternoon, let the belly laughs take us away from here. For our stresses are all just fantasies, ideas we made up. Our heads are so busy, our emotions simply can’t keep up.

Pretend, just for a minute, that the world is all ours. Dream up wild fantasies, channeling Bukowski if we must. We’re dancing on the rooftop with stars in our hairs. The planets are our orchestra. It really doesn’t matter. We simply don’t care.

Each blade of grass is cheering us on. Each grain of sand in the Sahara wants us to win. We simply can’t fail, we just have to begin.

So just for today, let’s pretend we’re all crazy. Then no one can judge, preach or feel out of place. Because we’re all Wierdos. Quacks. Bonkers. And in truth, perfect.

Crazy wins the race.


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