Before You Can Master life, You Must Master Meditation

You don’t need a special cushion, mantra, app, or beads. Just sit down for ten minutes and breath. That’s it.

You don’t need an alter with meaningful trinkets; everything you have is inside of you.

Breath in and count, breath out and count. Focus on something like a fan or a dripping faucet. Something steady and consistent.

Get in your car and pull into a parking lot or a side street. Someplace where you won’t be disturbed for awhile.

Say to your mind, “I know you have the ability to focus.” And when your mind wanders — and it will — bring it back to that thought. And bring it back again. And again. And again.

And before you know it, you will begin to feel a detachment from your physical environment. This detachment means you’re tuning into your inner world.

This is a place where there is no sight, sound, taste, or touch. Just the gentle yet powerful feeling of well being. Just rest with that.

You’ll be tempted to focus on that well being, especially because it feels so darn good. Pull yourself away from that thought.

Just sit in that sort of nothingness, in this clear state, to get back to the core of who you are, to the goodness of who you are, to the perfection of who you are, the simplicity of who you are. Start your building from that place.

That’s the place where inspiration comes from. That’s where the music comes from. That’s where lyrics comes from. That’s where the passion comes from. That’s where the orgasm comes from.

Do this for ten or fifteen minutes every morning to stabilize yourself first before you fly into your day. So when you’re dealing with a sick child, the rushed breakfast, the untouched laundry, unpaid bills, the demanding boss, and the eye rolls from co-workers who don’t understand that you must leave at five, you don’t lose your shit.

Instead, you will have a rock solid core vibration to fall back on. You’ll have your act together. You’ll feel confident. You got this. You’re in control. And when you feel that, you are unstoppable.

You are no longer reacting to life like a hamster on a treadmill.

You’re on fire with new ideas. You’re confidence attracts new opportunities, relationships, and windfalls. Your clarity allows you get more done in less time. Your self worth trumps binge eating, body shaming, boozing, or toxic relationships.

You sleep amazingly well because you-got-this. You wake up fresh and eager because you-got-this. And you keep on meditating because you want to keep this, grow this and see what it turns into — a limit only set by you.

Starting right now. This minute. Tune out the noise of the world and realized that the quiet voice of your own soul is the most beautiful sound. You got this.

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