One pixel that puts everything into perspective

This photo — which looks like something my mom took 30 years ago on a point and shoot camera — blows my mind.

If you’ve never seen this photo before, be prepared to be humbled. First, take a good look at that little dot — it could be photo bombing flea. Which is almost right. But so much more.

That dot is your mother holding you for the very first time. Your first kiss. Your dog peeing on the neighbor’s lawn. Your kids splashing in puddles, playing video games, staring out the bus window. Your grandma cursing at her computer. It’s bustling restaurants, funerals, flowers pushing up, cars crashing, bands rocking, orgasms exploding, horns blaring, and waves crashing.
Everything is in this Pale Blue Dot because this, my friend, is the Earth suspended in the sunbeam.

In 1977, NASA sent this spacecraft called Voyager 1 into space. It was out there floating amongst the stars when an astronomer by the name of Carl Sagan asked the people flying the craft to turn a camera towards home and take a photo. And boom! We saw Earth from 6 billion Kilometers away.

It bends the mind to imagine that this dot — that takes days to circumnavigate — can be so tiny. But this is the truth about where we live.

There are millions of galaxies the universe, each littered with millions of stars and planetary systems. Smack dab in the middle of a galaxy rotates this life giving star in perfect proximity to some planets. One of those planets has water, plants and oxygen. This planet is broken down into continents, countries, cities, and neighborhoods. In one neighborhood lives Adele and not too far down the road is you.

Our sliver of time on this blue dot is so small, it makes the cheating partner, unappreciative boss, forgetful friend, unpaid bills, or accidentally leaving Grandma at the truck stop seem tiny in the grand scheme of things.

Here’s the kicker.

Everything holding you back is tiny.

Think about it. Feelings like shame of wanting to be rich, guilt for the time it will take you away from family, worry about what friends will think, or uncertainty about where to even start are imaginary hurdles that you created.

Screw fear, living small, and worrying about what others think.

Just like that tiny blue dot is incredibly important to the entire universe, you are incredibly import to that small blue dot.

Seriously. If you knew how much the universe wants and needs you to truly be yourself, lit up in all your glory, you’d dump the fear and launch the business, take the trip, introducing yourself to that person you secretly admire. You would lose the toxic friends, the booze and binge watching and go for a walk. You’d meditate, stretch, hire a coach, go to bed early, stop making excuses and do whatever lights you on fire and live large because that’s what you came here to do.

It’s all about feeling so happy you’re a ball of fire because then you ignite others and everything expands. That’s it. Nothing else. You don’t need the Porsche, washboard stomach, or lover so hot he puts Ryan Gosling to shame, to be on fire. You only need courage to take that first brave and ballsy step. That’s it.

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