Let’s Cut the ?

Did you know that America is the most drugged up country in the world…?

Hands down. No competition.

In fact, 70% of Americans are on at least 1 prescription drug.

While 25% take 5 or more a day!

What the f…..???

Let’s talk about the GIANT white elephant in the room….

Pharmaceutical companies are exploiting the ignorance of Americans.

Get this…

EIGHT of the top TEN prescribed drugs are for STRESS related illnesses.


Let me explain….

All day we’re fed poison packaged in the form of news, social media, advertising….

Then we’re sold poison to unwind…binge watching, booze, super burritos…

Then, we take a pill, because we act like we’re poisoned.

Prescription drugs is nearing a TRILLION DOLLAR industry….

And anxiety is at an all time high.

It’s a vicious cycle….

If you want to lower stress, you have to REWIRE YOUR MIND…

It’s proven over and over…

See, 10 years ago I had the mother of all colds…

It turned out to be pneumonia…and depression…

So I was prescribed Xanax. But instead of taking the pills, I took a journal and wrote 5 things that were great each day.

That’s it.

And in just a few weeks my life did a complete 180.

It was such a miracle, I wanted to tell the entire word about it…

So I made the Gratitude app….

Then I devoured everything about the brain, physics, marketing, human psychology….

Guys, it’s scientifically proven that we can rewire our minds.

This isn’t airy-fairy stuff. This is PROVEN.

Just like we can poison our bodies with Oreos, we can poison our minds.

And just like we can get rock hard abs by watching what we eat and working out…

We can get focused, creative, alive, and confident by being picky about what we read, watch, listen to, and talk about.

Here’s the kicker…

Mind poison is FREE and EVERYWHERE.

And there are no warning labels saying “this crap will kill you!

And the drug companies LOVE IT.

It’s up to us to be ABSOLUTELY PICKY about what we consume with our minds….

It’s up to us to turn it OFF and RUN.

When you put your happiness first…
Your mind is clear.
Your energy is high.
You feel like a million bucks….
You attract a million bucks…

And money is key to changing this cycle.


For 30 days….detox from the poison…

  • Make the CHOICE to put your happiness first
  • Tune out ANYTHING that doesn’t make you happy
  • Tune out ANYONE who says you can’t be happy
  • Turn off the news
  • Unfollow negative people
  • Stop hanging out with folks who bring you down
  • Throw away anything that makes you feel bad…magazines, old photos, that tshirt…your tv
  • Avoid complaining about anything
  • Take a break from booze – it’s a depressant
  • Stop using your iPhone before bed

Replace it with….

  • Friends who take responsibility for their own happiness  (our private Facebook group is full of them)
  • Writing and talking about things you love
  • Sending thank you texts
  • Drinking more water
  • Going for more walks
  • Reading books that make you feel great…like You are a Badass, The Four Agreements, The Alchemist, or The Road Less Traveled
  • Wearing shirts that declares your awesomeness
  • Drinking out of cups that says you’re awesome
  • Dancing to music
  • Planning your dream holiday
  • Calling an old friend

Hand over heart, if you only did things that make you FEEL GREAT for 30 days…your life would be UNRECOGNIZABLE.

More ideas. Better friends. Deeper sleep. Uncontrollable laughter….


Too many of my friends THINK they need wine to sleep, news to be informed, and meds to stay sane.

They’re stuck in a cycle.

Let’s make a pack…

to not live small for anyone.

to not let marketing brain wash us into believing we are less.

to not let the news brain wash us into thinking we need to suffer.

and instead….

to be picky about how we feel.

and to do everything we can to feel great….

without the meds.



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