There’s Still Gold In The App Store

For those who think that app success is reserved for software giants with budgets the size of the Gobi Desert or technical geniuses that rival Mark Zuckerberg, pull up a chair and hear this. Although the app market might seem impenetrable to the average person who has wonderful app ideas but not necessarily the technical wits to produce them, the truth is that creating a great app is not rocket science. Just like you, some of the most successful app inventors began with an idea, and working in their basements and bedrooms created apps that millions now enjoy. These apps catapult birds at pigs, transform a dull photo into something cool and retro, or hail a taxi with just one tap.

Whether you’re so passionate about an app idea that it robs you of sleep, your boss asked you to create one, or you just want to figure out how to do it, jump in with everything you’ve got and enjoy the ride. Once you discover that by using the simple methods explained in this book pretty much anyone can do it and experience how thrilling app success feels, you’ll wonder why you waited so long.

To watch Kio Pond climb up the charts and sit at number one for almost two months was completely unbelievable, and drastically changed how seriously we were taking iPhone development.

—Andy Skirvin, co-founder and engineer at The Blimp Pilots (Kio Pond app)

Throughout this book, you’ll learn how to bring your app to life by using the skills you already have and engaging in activities that excite you. The question isn’t whether you have what it takes to pull off a great app—because you do. You just need to understand the basic steps and know where to find the best resources. The real question is whether you’re ready to play like a champion and overcome the doubts standing in your way.

“I’m not a developer or even the slightest bit techy.”

So you don’t know how to code. App development is one of the fastest growing technical skills on the market, so you have plenty of great talent to choose from.In my free Idea to iPhone Masterclass, I show you where to find great app developers online using sites like oDesk, as well as in your own backyard. It explains how to reach a fair contract that will keep your project on time and within budget, and how to get the best work from your developer. It also walks you through any technical hurdles and clearly explains each step in the app development process.

“I don’t have the money to create an app.”

You actually need a lot less than you might think. By contributing your own talents and time and doing some of the production yourself, you can save thousands in up-front capital.   Saving money means you won’t need outside investment to fund your app project, freeing you from requesting a loan from your bank, pitching your idea to investors, or risking family ties.

Making this effort may cost you in early mornings, and you may have to live on dinners of rice and soy sauce. But in the end, you will pick up some new skills and lower your financial risk, which in turn makes your odds for success that much greater.

“The app market is saturated. I don’t stand a chance.”

The App Store has only been around for less than ten years—it’s just getting started! It’s one of the fastest growing industries in history and has no signs of slowing down. With over 800 million App Store customers, it’s also the largest collection of accounts with credit cards on the web. These people want new apps.

Sure, the low hanging fruit is gone, but there are still plenty of unexplored possibilities. Even if your app idea already exists, there are always ways to make it better. The incredible success of Clear app is a perfect example. There are thousands of to-do apps but the developers of Clear discovered a way to take make the experience better by removing all the clutter and creating a simple yet striking design.  Stories like this prove that the app revolution is  just beginning. In fact, the mobile analytics firm Flurry predicts over two billion app downloads a week in 2020. There’s plenty of opportunity for your idea.

“I don’t have the time.”

If you’re waiting for all the stars align and a massive vacuum of time to suddenly appear, you’ll never get started. You have to make the time. We’re not talking all-nighters or 80-hour workweeks to pull your app together, but you will have to squeeze in some extra hours each week—early mornings, evenings, and weekends. It’s enough time to get your app rolling. Gradually, creating your app will progress from there.

“I’m not artistic, and I don’t know how to use design software.”

If you can draw a circle, a box, and some arrows, you can design an app. If your artistic talents tap out at stick figures, and design software is as confusing to you as the plot of Lost, you most likely will have to hire someone to produce a polished interface. But you can save money on a designer if you spend time blueprinting your idea first. In my free Idea to iPhone Masterclass, you’ll learn basic steps on how to do this as well as how to outsource the design work in Chapter 3.

“I don’t live in a tech center.”

Residing light years outside Silicon Valley didn’t hurt my apps one bit. If anything, it probably helped. It forced me to connect with other developers online, and I discovered a welcoming and generous community that is also incredibly knowledgeable and helpful.

Like you, many of these developers are also rolling the dice at something new and somewhere along their journey, they were insanely grateful to get help from a total stranger in another hemisphere. Tweet about an issue, and you may be surprised at the new friends you make. Google it, and you’ll find forums filled with others who had the same issues and shared their solutions.  I share app developers’ favorite hangouts in both the real and virtual worlds in my free Idea to iPhone Masterclass.

“What if I fail?”

Most successful developers did fail before they struck gold. And not just once; they belly-flopped over and over. Rovio, the maker of Angry Birds, released 52 unsuccessful games before it finally hit the jackpot. The company persevered and not only became the most downloaded game of all time, but one of the fastest growing consumer brandsd  hwith those colorful birds  appearing in everything from movies to coffee mugs.

The good news is that you probably won’t have to go through 52 fiascos or risk the family farm before someone other than your mom downloads your app. Following in the footsteps of successful developers takes a lot of the guesswork out of how to create apps that become chart busters.

This book shares the behind-the-scenes process, breakthroughs, and slipups from me and other developers who were just like you. We reveal what worked for us and what didn’t, and what to expect every step of the way.

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