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Carla: 00:00 And you are listening to a special series of the g spot where we talk about gratitude, giving back grace in God, and this is one of the three part series. This is part number two of the three part series where we are talking about money. So in part number one, we talked about money, trauma, and how in our subconscious events from our childhood can affect our adult relationship, wouldn’t money. So if you didn’t get that episode, I highly recommend you listen to it, but in this episode to really make a leap through that money trauma, I have a special guest. Her name is mindy West in she works with the energy that you hold around money. Now if you’re going, okay, this step isn’t for me, it’s about energy and healing and all that stuff. Listen Up. I was the exact same way. But the interesting thing is is we’re mostly made of energy and I’m. Part of me is just kind of curious about this stuff like it. Does it actually work? Well? Listen Up. You’re in for a special treat with mindy. I’m going to share my personal experience that I had with her, how you can work with her and other ways that you can improve your clarity, energy, and focus and really go into 2019 as a new person. So you’re going to enjoy this one.

Mindy West: 01:29 Yeah. I would say I do specialize in shifting your energy around money so that way you become magnetic to it. I like to say that I’ve made people money magnet and it starts from the inside.

Carla: 01:41 Okay. So here’s my experience with mindy. Um, when I heard about what she did, I quickly wanted to jump on a call with her. In fact, she says I bugged her, get at a golf and when we got on a call, um, what we did was nothing like what I expected we would do. So we, um, I had to recognize different areas of my life where I’m holding myself back and because of those areas I had to bring them in, uh, the individuals and the people in, um, into my life in a different manner and presence. And I know that all sounds kind of crazy and hard to follow. Like what did you do? Um, but the long and short of it was, is we didn’t really even talk about money but more so we talked about my getting help, like, like opening up to the health that’s already out there and allowing it into my life.

Carla: 02:43 And to me that, that was really surprising because I didn’t realize I had a problem with like at reaching out for help. And um, what happened after that? So that was about 10 days ago that we had that call in. In those 10 days, there was one really big event and a number of smaller events that I don’t know if they’re linked together. I kind of believed they are, but obviously I had to put certain things in place first. So the big event, the biggest one that happened was I got this golden ticket and the golden ticket is like the Willy Wonka chocolate factory, golden ticket. There’s a gentleman in California who has what he calls the profit making factory. So he helps entrepreneurs really launch their businesses with strategy and execution. And he’s doing a offer based on Willy Wonka. And He sends out these golden tickets and these packages with a lot of great information and I’m and I am all of these 500 packages going out.

Carla: 03:50 There’s five golden tickets and two or three days after mindy and I had our little session together, a golden ticket arrived in my mailbox. Now I had to order that in advance and I ordered it before Monday arrived. But here’s the kicker. Here’s the interesting thing that happened when I woke up that morning. It was last Sunday when I woke up, I had this overwhelming presence that things are gonna change in. I could. I had one or two choices. It was like the red pill or the blue pill and I can take the red pill or the blue pill. Like I could wake up and step into the person that I was becoming. Or I could wake up and step back into the person I always thought I was. And it was a really overwhelming feeling that I’d never had before. And it was really fun and euphoric and not threatening at all.

Carla: 04:45 So I decided to step into the person that I’m becoming and had to really consciously be aware that as I went through my day, um, we went to church because it’s Sunday morning and for some reason I leaned over to my son out of nowhere and said, hey, do you want to go to San Diego? And this is where the golden ticket will take me to San Diego. And I had no idea that I had a golden ticket in my mailbox. But I said that to him. I said, do you want to go to San Diego because he has family in San Diego. So, um, and then we got home, I go to the mailbox, get the mail that was delivered the day before it, and there’s that golden ticket. And that was a larger one. Now there were a whole bunch of other little events that were just like that, that happened. And um, yeah, yeah, like little ones where I would meditating and I couldn’t get my mind off of the next step of what I had to do, um, for my business. And then after I’d get done meditating and I’d go into a private facebook group that I’m a member of and I go in there, there were people offering to help with the exact same things that I was looking for a Chabad, and then they helped me out. Twenty hours later

Mindy West: 05:58 I was moving on it. It was stuff that I would’ve spent a week or two fighting about. So thank you for that. Mindy M, I don’t know how you do it, but let’s talk about your, your magical gift. What is it, you know, like what, what is the mindset that people are in right now and where do you take them? Well, first of all, I have to say, Carla, you didn’t tell me these things and I’m so excited to hear that because that’s amazing. That’s exactly what happens when we do this mindset work when we do this energy work, right? Like, I’m so excited for you. I just can’t get over it. Listening to that, I’m so excited for you. It’s, it’s so fun and magical, right? Like I always think that the word magic. It’s funny like I put it into my marketing because it’s funny because it’s like the only way to explain the kind of work I do, everyone starts at a different mindset, a different level of abundance, of prosperity, fears, beliefs, traumas, and what I do with people both in my one on one client sessions and through my courses that have energy healing, guided met at well, like healing meditations, activations like it kind of works in the same thing.

Mindy West: 07:13 They work together that we go from wherever they are and pull out all the fears, traumas, belief patterns, energetic patterns that are holding them back. And the way we do that really it’s through energy work. It’s through getting really clear on what exactly is holding you back. Generally there’s one big relationship or two big relationships that have been stifling money coming in, um, in some way and not intentional. That’s like none of this stuff is intentional, but it’s stuff that we take on and it’s also in our collective, in our collective consciousness of our cultures and societies of fear and lack and money doesn’t grow on trees and you have to work really hard to make money and you gotta pull yourself up by your bootstraps and you have to hustle. Especially entrepreneurs. We love hustling, right? But hustling as a choice. And so what I do with these through these various different ways is basically Paul this stuff up and out and release it.

Mindy West: 08:12 Letting go of these beliefs is the majority of my work and the way I do that comes in different ways, but it’s ultimately letting go because at your core, at your essence, you have, you’re totally abundant. Like you can call on anything you need and it will show up. It’s just in this human condition. We have all these beliefs that we’re not good enough. We don’t deserve money. We don’t, um, we aren’t, who am I to do this work? And getting through that and releasing that allows you to go and take action on opportunities. So I often say like I’m not going to work with you and money magically reins out of the sky like because if it did that would be really cool. But more often than not it brings opportunities to you and it’s your choice to take action on those. Like having the face people in the facebook group offering you help. It’s like you chose to take action that, that basically folded time and made you go ahead a week. Sorry. That’s all right. We can just cut that out. Right? I thought I turned. I turned on do not disturb everyday and then I forgot this morning. So I’m sorry about that

Carla: 09:27 because mine mind might be the same. Who knows? I never know if I have everything turned off in so many ways they can sneak through that. Um, okay. So, so opening and being open to the opportunities, being open to the opportunities is really huge because sometimes opportunities are not how we expect them to be or tell. Tell. Let’s talk about that because sometimes like I think we’re getting opportunities all the time and because of interrupting the schedule that we’re on, we dismiss them and we go, no, that’s too much, or we’re grabbing too many opportunities because we got the shiny object syndrome where we’re just like gotta have. That might be it or that might be under that. So talk to me about opportunities.

Mindy West: 10:19 Yeah, opportunities. That’s the way we receive our path to abundance, right? It’s like your golden ticket. Could it be interrupting or could it be an opportunity? Right, and the difference is how aligned is it with what you’re trying to do? How aligned is it with your path and purpose? How does it feel in your body when you received that? If you received it with so much joy and excitement, like that’s the opportunity you want to take action, but if you’re just looking around like, oh, isn’t this isn’t this isn’t this isn’t this? Yes, things will come to you, but here’s the different. The differences. Alignment. So when we are in overwhelm and stress and chaos, like that’s actually in our energetic field and that’s what we’re attracting. So we’ll track all these different things, but just like grasping for something and part of the work I do with people’s giving out of overwhelm and getting out of chaos because then all the shiny objects syndrome, it will fade away so that way they’re true opportunities will present themselves and be really able to like feel like, yes, this is it, this is what I need to do.

Mindy West: 11:24 And you always feel it in your heart and your gut and your body. It’s not with your minds, right? The opportunities that come to you to to make you help. You get ahead. You’ll know in your body.

Carla: 11:36 Like if you’re just seeing the people who end up joining my coaching program, they all say they felt it. They felt something inside of them that moved up and they always tend to be a really good fit. Like it’s. And I’m an insane when I a program or

Mindy West: 11:53 approach somebody, it’s if it’s, if it doesn’t feel right, then it tends to be a burden in the end. And especially with how life is. CCS weren’t bombarded every few minutes with opportunity opportunities, right? Like things that could potentially help us. But what is it taking away what in our time and our resources first, what’s it bringing to us? Right? So the real alignment opportunities will give us so much more than it takes away from us. So how long have you been doing this? Uh, well I started on this spiritual path and started doing energy healing and life purpose stuff about five years ago. But working specifically with money, I realized maybe three years ago that, that was really my gift. And it’s kind of funny because as a kid my parents say that my first word was cash and I switched. I said best like wasn’t really cash. And we’re like, yeah, we think it was cash stick with it. That’s a good story.

Mindy West: 13:04 So I always loved money growing up and I was very good at money collecting money and making money and saving money for awhile. I got away from it because, you know, as you become a teenager and you’re like, I’m going to be different and I’m to like, let go of that and I don’t need money. And then as it swung back around, it’s like, no, this is who I am, this is what I really loved. And I realized at one point it was quite a difficult time in my life that energy and money are connected. And I had to go through a really dark like divorce and then ended up getting myself in debt, dark night of the soul. Really painful to a point of complete surrender of like please help. I don’t know what to do. And I started realizing I had all these money blocks and uh, that I had collected over the past few years.

Mindy West: 13:50 And in a moment I was able to shift it. And four hours later I got a new opportunity and new consulting project. A few weeks later I got another opportunity that another one is dissolved my debt and put me back on the path of prosperity. So I had to have that, that dark difficult time, I think to realize the complete connection between what I had loved my whole life of the money and the spiritual work in the energy work and the mindset and everything that was going on in that to make the connection to pull them together. So.

Mindy West: 14:26 Okay. So what’s in a very short period of time. So what did you let go of like you said, you surrendered it. I think a lot of people who are listening will go surrendered every member surrendering. And you know what, I didn’t have a break, like nothing really came. So like, can you describe that a little bit more with that? Letting go and surrendering is like. Yeah, definitely. I was um, I just moved back to the states after I’d lived in Peru and I took some really bad financial advice. I had a, I had been taught how to manifest in a way that did not manifest. So I followed some bad advice and I got myself $30,000 in debt because you know, believe it will come and quit your job because that’s not your purpose and if I like that, but I sat one day on my meditation cushion and I was just so upset like how did I get myself into this point?

Mindy West: 15:23 And I just sat there. I was like, God, Angels Guides, please help me, help me. And I’m crying, you know, I probably put my son to bed and I just crying and I saw these missions have one money block from my that I had taken off from my ex husband. Another one that I’d taken on from my parents telling me, you’re too young to make six figures. You don’t work hard enough. And you know, another block of single moms have to suffer. Like I just could feel these coming out of my body. No, it wasn’t after I put my son to bed. It was actually morning after I dropped him off to school and I just felt it come out of my body and I felt that released enough. You know, I dry my eyes and got up and it’s like, Whoa, that was a 10.

Mindy West: 16:07 Yeah. And that’s when things started shifting because I. and then of course, like four hours later I got a call from my consulting for to get another project is super easy, like autopilot and then I got more and more and more than that it’s like this is amazing. So I became obsessed and it’s like if I did that and this is what happened, then I’m just going to keep doing this and doing it and doing it. Then I became obsessed with like how much money could I make, but how much freedom because I don’t want to work a lot. I want to have the freedom with the money comes the ideal lifestyle. So yeah, it was, I think that surrender always can benefit us when we’re really authentic about it. And how fast is the result happen? It just depends. It depends on the person.

Carla: 16:55 I will tell you, um, when we had this conversation, it was on the cusp of a black Friday offer that I was releasing. Remember I was just about to launch my first black Friday offer, which is pretty big and I also had a major life change opportunity that it was coming down the pipeline as well and it was going to get that life changing opportunities. So the black Friday special, I don’t know if I shared with you but I definitely didn’t get the sales I wanted. The life changing opportunity that I thought I wanted did not come through and sometimes like I look back and I think, okay, well maybe those were going to hold me in a, in a place like I, that’s not what I want. I want to accelerate to a different location or a different place that not physically location but a different mental, spiritual place and because those didn’t come through so sometimes like it’s not always an opportunity that comes to you. It’s one that’s like close the doors closed at this one. No, you’re not supposed to go through that door. Is that right? Or did.

Mindy West: 18:13 No. I can be as much of a blessing to not receive things as it is to receive them. Now if you with your life changing opportunity, that would have taken up a lot of time. I know that with our session you became aligned with a much higher income potential. Right? So we had actually shifted things. Your income potential became much higher then had you been, had you been doing those other opportunities? Right. So sometimes we see we start to do energy work and then things happen. You lose your job, a loss of a partner relationship, something major starts to shift in life and it’s like, what’s happening? Because I’m want to go, well why do I have to go through this hard part? But it’s making space. What happened for you is you just made a whole lot for more to come in.

Carla: 19:10 Yeah. It feels like that. It does. It feels like, okay, I’m was Kinda glad because otherwise I would have been in this decision. I had to make this decision because sometimes. I mean I’m sure everybody listening to this, you’ve been in this decision and you’re like, I don’t know whether to take it or not and I’m kinda scared not to take it. Yeah. You’re making the decision at a beer rather than out of excitement and enthusiasm and.

Mindy West: 19:34 Right, right.

Carla: 19:37 Super Cool. Okay. So, um, when you talked about that release that happened to you that I can. That I think I felt after our session later on that day, like, I don’t know, I can’t remember if we finished up and then I went off to get my kids. Um, but I did sort of feel drained like, yeah, is that normal or. Okay.

Mindy West: 20:05 It can, it does happen a lot after we do an initial session because so much energy is moved and your body has to let it go. Like it has to go and after we moved a lot of energy, you need time to rest and recuperate and drink a lot of water. And if you do that and then you’re go, go, go, go, go. You’ll feel it. Right. But you can’t expect to do. You wouldn’t get to surgery and then not take a break. Right. This energetic surgery that we’re taking out of you and you didn’t take a break afterwards. So

Carla: 20:39 I was just so funny because I’ve been feeling like, Carla, you got to take a break, like in the back of my mind this past week. It’s like, take the kids, okay, let me talk more about this golden ticket is what this gentleman named Brian Delaney and his profit factory and it’s going to take all this product creation that I’m doing for my audience. You know, these videos and podcasts and groups and clubs and offers that are making. He’s going to put them all in line with where I want to go with my business and help me strategize that. And so now after that golden ticket came through, I’m kind of like a deer in headlights going, well, which way do I go? Because I want to be able to execute in the right direction. And in the back of my mind it’s just, why don’t you just take a break and,

Mindy West: 21:28 well, you need to make. You need to let your everything reset because you went through a huge adjustment. Let it reset and then you’ll be able to take inspired action instead of chaotic action. Right? We just need that. Recently we turn on and off our phones when it’s getting a little like a clouded up. We need to do the same for ourselves and making space is. It’s got to be the best part of all of this because if you’re just constantly running, running, running, running, running where where’s everything going to come into? Right? Where’s all the abundance gonna come into? So taking a day off or two days off or spend the weekends relaxing. I’m going to the hot springs later today. Do I have a whole lot to work until 9:00 at night on a Friday? Sure I do, but I’m going to go to the hot springs with my son and take a reset. Let it come in because that’s when you’re quiet is when the ideas come, right? We can’t be chaotic and let the ideas come in and if you want to take action instead of just go, go, go. You need that quiet for the inspiration to come.

Carla: 22:38 Yes, and that is the difference between an no matter if you’re an entrepreneur or have a career or whatever, everybody is in that busy mode. I mean, everybody is so busy and um, I always advise, don’t just take action taking inspired action, but knowing the difference, it’s such a subtle difference in just because sometimes people just can’t stop. They feel like they’re going to. It’s fearful to stop,

Mindy West: 23:10 right? Yeah. Right. And our bodies are so wound up all the time. It takes a good week for people to be able to slow down if they’re not used to it. So they’re like, they feel this anxiousness, anxiousness, anxiousness because they’re not going, but really it’s just the slow unwinding process of that stress energy we’d have, right? Our bodies run on stress now for most people and it takes a while to unwind, but the difference between the action and inspired action, it’s the same as we were talking about earlier. Inspired action comes from your heart, from your gut, from that knowing, and I’m just action. Action. Action comes from your head down and feel your heart and feel what feels right, but you can’t do that if you’re in stress and overwhelm and chaos. You just can’t make. You can’t distinctly wish.

Carla: 24:03 Well, it’s also when you’re in stress and overwhelming cashier in a High Beta state, right? And then you’re just in reaction mode rather than the inspired mode that the Delta State, uh, that our children are in this more creative. Right, right. Interesting. Okay. So, um, you said it initial, we had an initial session, so normally what do you do an initial session and then do follow ups,

Mindy West: 24:35 Chiropractic adjuster or like how does this work? Well, it really depends on what people are looking for, what they need, what their goals are. For me, I do take on a few high end, like high level one on one clients for coaching, for continuous energy work in coaching and like let’s make big things happen in life. Uh, I also sell a courses. So like my magical money multiplier courses, shifting the energy within each major energy center in your body, each Chakra in order to start attracting money. There’s a collective consciousness plants which is basically pulling off all the collective crap that we’ve been taking on. So we can be our authentic selves, which is the highest, fastest way to become abundant is by being you. Right? So it really just depends what we did together was an initial session and if we were to work together as coaching, we have to keep doing things like that, but depending on what you know, what your goals are, where you’re going in life, like if it’s strict energy healing or if it’s coaching or strategy and I know, you know, all the strategy stuff and the coaching stuff, so it would be energy work, but um, it really depends on what someone’s looking for, right?

Mindy West: 25:51 It’s all about. And it’s like I have an offering of services, but it’s about the client for people when they’re just starting. My recommendation is go by the energy healing the healing meditations because that’s going to be your fastest way to shift things right at the. That the lowest cost, right? If you’re really struggling with money, maybe have $7, but you don’t have 3000. It just depends on where people are and what they’re looking for A. Right, right.

Carla: 26:23 That’s awesome that you create something for everybody out there then so they don’t have to because they can start with the $7, get rid of some of the blocks, they can certainly work their way up to that potential. And my goal through this money awareness series is for everybody to discover that they have an extra dollars out there in the universe waiting for them to come into their life if they allow it. So the first, yeah, the first part and if you, you can listen to the podcast if you want to hear more about this, but it was just having money. Trauma, like something happened earlier in your life. Like for myself, I grew up on a farm and money was always an object of mother nature, like so much money goes into the cracks and everything else. And Mother Nature could get pissed off in 15 minutes and blow everything.

Carla: 27:15 And there’s your, there’s your revenues for the year. Right? And so money was really a touchy subject. Um, and what I did later on in life because what I discovered is I’ll get a bill and the bill will sit on my desk and I’ll go, oh, I’ll pay attention to that later. I’ll open it later. And then like three months later I’ll go, oh, I know that bill. And so I obviously was having a bad relationship with numbers of my downloads for my app. I wouldn’t look at it how many downloads I get. It just like numbers were just like, it makes my palms sweaty and my heart go. So, um, what I did instead is money was, is another child, it’s my third child. And if I neglect my child, like if I just set him in the corner of the room and don’t pay attention to him, he all seen those children that are set in front of a TV.

Carla: 28:11 And that’s how they learn how to talk is because I’ve only been exposed to a TV. And you see how that affects them in the same way with money. Your relationship with money. If you just ignore it, it’s going to turn. It wants your attention. It wants to be loved, it wants to be held and appreciated and enjoyed and I’m not considered something like a pain in the butt or hard to deal with or anything like that, you know, like you see it like your child, which I think you could or I could, you know, any sort of parent out there could do. Then it just shifts the whole perspective of money. So that’s the first one is first thing, that good relationship. Yeah, you can use it and everybody to you. So like, sure you have that good relationship now. But um, let’s talk about those, those records. What were you, what were you calling those records? The. Oh, then we went into the akashic records for the Akashic records. I always forget that word. It’s a Sanskrit word. Um, let’s, can you share a little bit about, because. So what we did is we went into the Akashic records when they’re done with other energy healers, um, has been phenomenal and um, uh, I’ve never really researched or what all that is. So I think depending on who you talk to, they have a different perspective

Mindy West: 29:42 on what it is and how it works, like anything right, but to me the Akashic records are the. When you open up the Akashic records, you access all the information about your soul, past, present and future, and we get to speak directly to your masters, teachers and loved ones. So that would be like your angels and your guides and it means that we get really clear channel to tap into you. How was I able to know such personal things about you within an hour

Carla: 30:11 because of them? It wasn’t even an hour. Within two minutes you went straight to the one.

Mindy West: 30:18 It was spooky how you did that, right? It’s because the masters teachers in level to have known you your whole life, your whole soul’s evolution where they’re telling me, ask this, ask that. Go here, show her this, bring her to this image. Right? So when I’m able to follow that and be that channel for you, that’s when we get really deep. And then I combine that with energy healing that I have various sources that I’ve been working with and have been developing over the last few years and were able to get super deep and doing the energy healing within the Kashic records one times by my math teachers. Loved once, they told me, if you do energy healing outside of the records, it’s good. We work on this time and space, but if you do it in the records, we’re working on all time spaces and dimensions. So it’s so powerful. That’s why in one hour we get huge results for you. Right? Whereas if we were to just chat and I’d be like, Hey, what’s what’s going on? Right? One B would not be the same because it’s like that whole energetic psychic surgery. We’re literally taking the blocks out of your body, out of your energetic fields and replacing it with abundance, with prosperity, with a whole new mindset, a whole new energetic pattern. So it’s fascinating

Carla: 31:42 out of your energetic field, because that to me, I understand where all energy, but I also kind of. Then my brain goes, but what about my subconscious? In the 95 percent of my brain and my actions that are based on my sub punches, does it look like go in there and dig into that happened between like wetting my pants and first grade, second grade, like those traumatic events? Does it go in there and pull that out or what does it do

Mindy West: 32:16 exactly? That’s exactly what it is because it doesn’t pull out the memory. We never take away the memory. We take away the energetic impact of the memory that’s still going on inside of you. So the way I see it is like we have all of these patterns that I’ve been imprinted in us imprinted in our subconscious imprinted in our energetic field are, or if you to say that, so we have these memories that caused these patterns and these patterns like we met our pants in first grade and then that starts going, going, going, going, going. That’s what drives your subconscious, your subconscious just feeding off all these memories and energetic patterns that we have. So when we. This is why I actually have a hard time using the word mindset because people think, oh, if I just change how my mind is working, that everything will change to me.

Mindy West: 33:05 I’m like, no, you need to change how your energy is working, how the patterns are working within you, which will then change how your mind is thinking. Like don’t start in the middle of eating is energetic pattern. So when we do the healing, we’re taking away the limiting effects of those memories, of those traumas of those disbeliefs disconnecting you from maybe what your parents thought while your culture thought, your society thought, like pulling all that out of you so that way you become more of a clean slate and it is a process, right? It’s not like in one hour we’ve changed every single money mindset were had. No, but we took out a big chunk and we got you started and now you actually tools that you can do all the time, right? We love you. Now know what are these things that I can do to shift instantly? Well, I dunno. I’m going to have a follow up session with you to do that too.

Mindy West: 34:09 Okay, so when mindy and I jumped on this call, she was actually working with another product. She was finishing up some work with another product, so she does energy work around money, but let’s show you a second product that you offer. Well, one of my big passions is cacao, which is unprocessed chocolates and I just love it so much. So on the physical level. Cookout is amazing for your body weight. Always think chocolates so bad for you. Well, it’s not the processing of the milk and the sugar that’s not so good for you itself. The Cacao paste itself or the nibs, they have so many antioxidants that Ah, it’s just so good for you. Magnesium and all these amazing properties like you could live off chocolate alone if you had to. It’s that balanced. It’s one of the super foods in the world, right? But on the energetic level, it’s very hard opening.

Mindy West: 35:08 It opens your heart, it opens your mind. It helps you focus with creativity. Like if you’re a writer and you can normally write for an hour with two cow if you drink, some of it are consumed, that you could write for two hours if you’re a meditator, you can get two, three, four times as long and as deep of a meditation when you consume it because the plant itself works both on the physical and the energetic properties to open you up. And so I love. I’ve started importing cacau from Guatemala, from these beautiful indigenous women. They have the only indigenous run a woman run business in their town and they go and peel it all by hand and toasted and put it over the fire and put it through the mill and make it into the cacao paste. And you could just feel the love inside of each fight of it that they’ve infused into the cacao itself. And that is, yeah, it’s amazing. And I use it both for morning meditation throughout the day and to hold the cow ceremonies. So the ceremonies.

Carla: 36:06 Yeah. And I just, as soon as I heard about it, I went instantly on her website and butts. Um, and I will put links in the show notes and share all the links so you can access mindy and Oliver. Wonderful products. Tell me, um, there was another party or Cacala that you haven’t shared in that is you give back

Mindy West: 36:27 some of the plans. This is half of all the profits go back to Guatemala to support the indigenous community where it’s sourced from. So not only do they get an amazing living wage when they do this, I buy this at the price that they asked for, which is great. They’re able to live off very well and half the profits then go back. Right now we’re currently working to build a birth center for the community because safe birth is something I’m very passionate about. Our centers built. We’ll move on to supporting another project in the community. And it’s a, this, this community is amazing. If you ever have a chance to go to Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, it’s one of the most beautiful places on earth. It’s really incredible.

Carla: 37:17 Awesome. Well thank you for that tip. I’ll just speak Spanish. So we’ll go there.

Mindy West: 37:27 That Spanish is their second language and you can go there and they speak their indigenous languages and they’re like, I speak Spanish, but I still can’t communicate. Makes it fun.

Carla: 37:41 Somehow you managed to score a deal with them. So. So, um, so what you offer is the cacao, but then you also teach people how to have these ceremonies because you can have the cacao, like you could make a explain how you make one little cup of cocoa for yourself in the morning.

Mindy West: 38:00 Yeah. So to start my morning I make the cacao. I just put about a cup of hot water in my vitamix and put about a teaspoon of cow and some other flavors. So either cinnamon and vanilla or I like to do essential oils if I’m working on abundance. So use wild orange or maybe cardamom or ginger if I’m working on like solar plexus stuff. Confidence and the kick. How can be infused with other energies to work on specific things or just to make it taste a little different. It’s either way, it’s like just putting these things in the blender and mixing it up with the hot water. You’re done in less than a minute, right? It’s, yeah, it’s such a great way to start the day and uh, considering like coffee, right kind of ads that anxiety energy, right. But whereas to cow you drink it in your heart opens, new expands.

Carla: 38:55 So you also do these ceremonies, so to. Which sounds super cool to explain what those, I guess in comparison. So that’s one little one serving in the morning, but in her ceremonies to.

Mindy West: 39:08 Yeah, totally different things. So the ceremony’s will come together. I actually, I hold my cow ceremonies online and in person or at retreats and so of course online versus in person is a different experience, but when we come together and we drink the cow in a more like a higher dose, you would do about three tablespoons of cacao. Her dose. It’s incredible how quickly you can open up your energy and how deep we can get kick. How can be used with, with sound healing, with Yoga, with meditation. For me, of course I’m an energy healer, so I love to open people’s energy up and go really deep and make some credible shifts within them. So that way their whole life has changed from the ceremony, but it’s, I love it because you get all of your senses, right, you get the taste from the cacao, you get your hearing from music, you get smell from the incense, the Kupol, the sage. It’s a very sacred process. We open up the energy, we hold the space for transformation. It’s not just sitting down and having a cup of hot chocolate and watching someone play some music. It’s, this is like sacred, sacred ceremonial space where we come to for transformation and it’s so much fun. And I’ve started teaching people how to hold these ceremonies to, which is one of my upcoming courses is so passionate about it because it’s odd. So, um, impactful and safe.

Carla: 40:40 Right? And it opens up areas that everybody needs to open up. Whether you’re writing a book or an entrepreneur or anything. Everybody needs to open up these energy centers to allow for the life that they’re meant to have rather than the life that they’re, you know, they need to thrive rather than. That is so cool. I want to participate. I’m like your biggest fan right now.

Mindy West: 41:10 I’ll have to schedule another online ceremonies so you can participate.

Carla: 41:16 We’ll get a whole group of my listeners and fan base to so we can all do it together. That’ll be super fun. Special ones. So um. Alright. So Mindy, can you tell me where people can find you online and um, you know, learn more about what your offerings. I’m sure a lot of people are gonna wanna talk to you. So how can they find you?

Mindy West: 41:40 Yeah. So to get started with q cow visit [inaudible] dot com and there you can order cacao and soon I will have information about the upcoming ceremonialist course for money. The best place to start is stop locking money.com and that’s where you can start with for just $7, get a money mindset itself, which will take out your top three money blocks. Um, yeah. So just $7 to get started. That recreates that point of surrender that I talked about earlier. That shifted the whole course of my life and then to contact me directly or see a bit more of my offerings. Mindy West Dot Com.

Carla: 42:22 Nice, awesome. Well I will put all of that in the show notes and put links to all these sites and went. Mindy, anything else you want to share with us as we go and close out a year and enter into a new one? Like it’s always such a poignant time for people to make big changes in their life and it’s such a good side. So do you have any suggestions for people?

Mindy West: 42:47 Yeah, I think as much as we want to bring in, we need to let go up so start with letting go before you bring more in, more in more overwhelmed with chaos, but if you do a huge let go of what are the relationships I need to like grow up, what are the activities, the habits, the thoughts, the feelings, the beliefs. Just do a complete release before the end of the year. Your New Year. We’ll start out. So I’m such a higher vibration, so much better. So much more good will come in when you have that space.

Carla: 43:19 I love that. That’s such a great topic. In fact, I think I might have to make this into a four part series, like go, like go into your closet and let go of those skinny jeans that are going to go for now.

Mindy West: 43:37 Exactly. Exactly. All. Only come in their space.

Carla: 43:42 Yeah. Yeah, because when we read dead where you remodeled her house and just like punching out those walls and all that was all new energy and space and we were very selective about what we put back like so much of it going because it just didn’t have the right energy for it. Yeah, but you guys don’t have to remodel to do that. Just know everything in. Yeah.

Mindy West: 44:13 Quick goodwill will run or even more important than the physical stuff. As the emotional inventory. Do you an emotional inventory. Where are you at right now? What is it that you need to let go emotionally and that would be huge.

Carla: 44:26 Yeah, right? Yeah.

Mindy West: 44:29 On all levels. Really emotional, physical, spiritual, mental,

Carla: 44:34 and if you need help, call me and she’ll get you there.

Mindy West: 44:41 We’ve done this before

Carla: 44:44 so. Well, thank you so much, mindy. You’re awesome and I can’t wait to have our next session.

Mindy West: 44:51 I really appreciate it. This has been wonderful. Thank you for having me.

Carla: 44:55 Awesome. Well, I’m sure we’ll have you again.

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