The Lies You’ve Been Told

So did I ever talk to you about my friend Lisa? We actually were roommates together.

Lisa confided in an email a few months ago that she was “deflated”…but no one would guess it because she’s always cracking jokes and has the best smile.

The twelve years between when we were roommies and now, life put her through the wringer.

She got married and then pregnant and then miscarried. Back to back family members died. A few years ago they both lost their jobs.

She struggled with depression, loneliness, and overwhelm, and her marriage came this close to ending.

And to add insult to injury, Lisa battled the worse insomnia the entire time.

She owned more “self help” books than a therapist. For a brief period of time she and her husband even considered becoming therapists!

She tried acupuncture, shaman, and all the usual stuff so many of my clients get into before they find me.

Also like so many of my clients, Lisa heard the same anxiety myths over and over that were supposedly responsible for the fact she couldn’t find happiness, energy or purpose.

“You’re at that certain age” is one she heard all the time.

Another one that got drilled into her head was, “You’ll never feel as free as in high school.”

Because anxiety is supposedly “just a part of getting older,” right?

Myths like these are everywhere, and they’re perpetuated by everyone from medical experts to your neighbor’s boss to the guy you hire to fix your toilet.

So if you’ll never feel like you did in high school, or  you’ll never be as in shape as you did before you had kids, or create a business after 50, how is it that Lisa feels waaaay better than she did in high school, is in better shape than ever AND has an amazing business to boot?

Simple: Anxiety myths–which are just that, myths–are no match for power habits, drinking water, and making sleep a priority.

And if you’re thinking Lisa’s the exception, or “just got lucky,” I’m here to tell you that’s not the case.

I have Rockstars who’ve been on anti-depressants their whole lives and get off of them, lose the weight, and never felt better.

I get it if this sounds crazy to you. It did once to me, too.

But my clients’ results speak for themselves, and when you join the One Habit Challenge, you’ll see their testimonies everywhere.

Another myth I’m sure you’ve heard is that being anxious is “in your genes,” so there’s no hope for you to ever be happy or at peace.

Being stressed runs in my family, so I get it, but I’m proof that one’s not true, either.

Whatever myth is sucking away your hope and keeping you trapped in a prison of stress, sickness, and misery, join the One Habit Challenge and know that freedom from the past is 100% possible (I don’t care how old you are), and why your genes are a much smaller factor in your success than you’ve been led to believe.

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