Do you offer private one-on-one coaching to individuals and businesses?

Absolutely! If you need more of my expertise and time than the group coaching Master Class offers, let me know. I love to work one-on-one and help you see your app project come to life!

Will you review my app?

First of all, huge congrats on launching an app! I know all too well what’s involved in creating a producing apps and I salute you. My congratulations are all I can offer at this point, however, as I get asked to review so many apps on the App Store, that I must say no. But thank you for asking and bravo.

Can we collaborate on my business idea/app idea?

I’m not doing any collaborations and participating in any app projects or businesses, but I am hugely grateful for all the big work you’re doing in the world and for thinking of me.

I don’t have money. Can I get your course for free?

I don’t offer scholarships or special payment arrangements outside of the payment plans listed.

Can I trade my services in exchange for free enrollment?

I don’t do barters, exchanges, or special payment arrangements outside of the payment plans listed.

Can I pay for your course in installments?

We’re unable to make special payment arrangements outside of the payment options listed.

Will your course work if I don’t have an app idea?

It can help you to focus and hone in on one idea. As you work through the exercises, you’ll begin to see the possibilities, find out what topics are important to you, what would make a successful app that people want to download.

What if I can’t attend on the start date?

Although the course is a live course, you can watch the recordings anytime that suites you. So if the January 2018 date doesn’t work, that’s fine! Just start when your schedule allows. I recommend sticking close to the 8-week schedule once you start to keep momentum going.

Does the course include an interactive or group component?

Yes, there is a private Facebook group and a Slack channel. I’ll be sharing in both these online forums regularly, as well as connecting with other app developers like yourselves.

I got sidetracked. Will I still have access to the course even after the 8 weeks are up?

Yes, the course membership area will be accessible indefinitely. That said, we encourage everyone to download the materials in case the site is ever taken offline (we have no plans to do this but just in case). That way you’ll have a hard copy that you can refer to from anywhere, anytime so please, download!

After I finish the course, can I go through again with a different app?

Absolutely. The materials for the course are yours to keep forever (hence, please download them). No matter what app you decide to focus on for your first 8-week goal, you can use the techniques you learn and the course materials to keep launching apps again and again and again.

Will your course help with existing apps?

Absolutely. My course is for anyone looking to make a hit app, no matter what stage of production you’re currently in. Your app can already be on the App Store and you want to improve it or you might have a project that got side railed. It doesn’t matter. Through a series of video tutorials, worksheets, recorded coaching calls, etc., the course will help you achieve the goal you have for your app project. You can get all the details of the course at http://carlawhite.org/master-class

Where can I download the Gratitude app?

The app is available on the App Store. This is the link http://rebrand.ly/thegratitudeapp

When will Gratitude be available on Android?

I’m glad you asked! This has been a goal of mine for over a year, and I’m honing in on funding that will make Gratitude possible on more devices with more features. I’m aiming to have a Summer 2018 launch. Sign up for my newsletter if you want to be updated on progress.

Do you have a Gratitude press kit?

Yes! For app stats, my back story, and links to other media references, check out my full press kit: https://app.xtensio.com/folio/9pz49ca1

If you just want images of the app, here’s a page full of screen shots and the Gratitude icon: https://app.xtensio.com/folio/u0gouybl

And, best of all, here’s the Gratitude website: http://getgratitude.co

I have an issue/suggestion/praise for Gratitude. How can I share it with you?

I love hearing from my tribe, so please reach out on my support page. This is way better than emailing me because I can share it with my team, who can then turn bugs into fixes, ideas into new features, and praise into motivation for new customers! Here’s Gratitude support site: https://thegratitudeapp.userecho.com/

If you don’t see the answer to your question here, you can reach us at carlawhite.org/contact

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