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I didn't just wake up one morning and felt powerless
I buried myself one moment at a time...
...From cocktails with clients nearly every night...

...To binge watching for three days straight without a shower (seriously though)...

...To devouring an ENTIRE tub of Ben & Jerry's at a time...

Maybe all of that had something to do with why I used to look like this...
But I've Come A Long Way Since Then...
 a long way from....
   believing I was alone and ashamed of my life
   escaping my problems by binging on booze, junk food, and endless tv
   crying uncontrollably in the middle of the night
   avoiding looking at myself in the mirror because I didn't like what I saw
   sick and tired of feeling so lifeless and in a rut
   Have you ever felt any of these before?
8 Years Ago
8 Months Ago
8 Days Ago
Let me ask you something...
Why do you still feel stuck or held back?
This can't be the first time you attempted to turn your life around, right?
In fact, if you were like me...I was searching for the answer!
You read countless "self-development" books...

Found dozens of "challenges" and "programs" on Facebook and Instagram...

Listened to endless hours of YouTube videos...
when is it your turn to be, feel & have the life you truly want? 
I say that time is NOW. It is your turn.
So why am I telling you all of this?

You're probably thinking..."I've seen a million of these pages about life changing programs and challenges and they all just look the same..."

You're probably thinking...."What makes the system I created for you different, right?"
The answer is simple.

Most programs are created by folks who simply haven't done the work.

Instead of lowering the stress, they make you feel overwhelmed...

 They fail to offer you new ideas on moving past obstacles...

Instead, they repeat the same advice for new situations...

They make you feel inferior and incompetent...

You can't tell if you're making progress...

And your coach can't prove it.

This is so frustrating to me because I’ve always viewed my clients as sacred. 

After rebounding from job loss, anxiety, obesity, migraines, and depression MYSELF...

I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t

It took me years of trial and error to iron out the practices and plans that I implement today.

 I've discovered the 3 SECRETS to not only being happy, but creating the life I LOVE.

(but before I reveal the 3 secrets, let me tell you why this all makes sense...)

and YES... these photos are my REAL TRANSFORMATION...
No one cares about your success more than me because I have walked in your shoes.
Through MY OWN journey of losing over 40 pounds....

Ending years of insomnia and migraines....

Making anxiety attacks a thing of the past (for over 5 years now)...

...AND helping over 657,571+ people transform their lives with the Gratitude app...

...And just so we can get to know each other more, let me introduce myself .
My name is carla white
and I grew up on a farm...
in the town of Salem, South Dakota (call me the Good Witch, lol)

And 7 years ago, I was like you in one way or another...


I wanted to feel alive...

I wanted to feel secure...

I wanted to look in the mirror and LOVE the woman looking back at me...

I wanted to have ENERGY to play with my kids...

I wanted a career doing what I love...

But it all just seemed so HARD to do on my own...


I knew I needed guidance but I didn't know how to find the motivation...

I had so many questions like...

...where do I find the time? do I stick with it?

....what about my kids, partner and job? do I maintain the work? do I know these practices will make a difference?

The more I read on the internet the more confused I got...

Have you ever felt confused when it comes to all this "self-help" stuff?

The only thing I knew for sure was that I was exhausted and only wanted life to change...
What works?
From Law of Attraction to religions to cold showers in the morning...I tried everything.
How do I find the time?
Running a business and a mom of two kids, my days were already jammed pack.
How can I make it stick?
Everything I tried seemed to wear off in a week. Just zap me and change me forever!!
but the hardest part of all...
was finding people who supported me.

It seems like every time I started to grow...

there was someone there to derail me into my old ways.

Someone was right there pouring me a drink, poking holes in my dreams, complaining about who I was becoming.

Oh boy, do I ever know what it's like.

So stick with me...

 and I'm about to help you with all of these things that we've both been through....

NEGATIVE EMOTIONS are good for you.
The self-help "gurus" has been lying to us for decades! You've been told...

 ...that you just think only positive thoughts.

 ...that a single negative thought or emotion and you're toast

Worse, you brought that bad event into your life because you had a negative thought.

I am not against positive thinking or anything that makes your life better.

(I'm the creator of the Gratitude app, for Pete's sake!)

I am against teachings that make your life worse – especially when the "gurus" parade around as if they are our savior. 

Yes, life is better with a positive outlook. 

But running from negative thoughts will ruin you.

Reality is a good place – and running from it by repressing negative emotions is holding you hostage.

Negative emotions are telling you something. 

And the longer you ignore them, the louder they'll get.

You need to pay attention to ALL of your emotions. 

There's a big difference between feeling all your emotions and repressing them.

Listen to what your emotions are telling you, but don't set up camp and live there.

Fear, boredom, guilt, blame aren't in the driving seat, you are.

But they need to be in the car along for the ride because they can help you read the map of life. 

The next time you feel anxious, jealous, insecure... ask yourself "Is it true?".

I know, it seems too simple.

But this question works like magic.

It tricks your brain into automatically searching for the answer. 

Our brains aren't wired to make us happy, they're wired to keep us alive....

Your negative emotions are shining a spot light on an event in your life that got wedged into your subconscious and is secretly running the show. 

Expose that belief by asking yourself if what you're feeling now is true...

What you discover is truly eye-opening!
The first 20 minutes of your day can change your life.
As soon as I woke, I would check email, reply to messages, read the news and social media...
...I thought I was being productive and ahead of the game. 

...I didn't realize that grabbing my phone first thing was setting me up to FAIL.

But then I realized... you know what, enough of GIVING MYSELF AWAY already! 

I been putting myself on the back-burner forever and everything was suffering–my health, family, career.

I craved a week long retreat...but with kids and bills to simply wasn't in the cards.

Then I wondered "What if I gave myself a mini-retreat every day?"

At first, just the thought of getting up early gave me insomnia...

Then I discovered that the FIRST 20 MINUTES ARE INSANELY MAGICAL.
You've been told...
...that you have to do a specific routines each morning (including freezing cold showers!).

...that if you miss a morning you're a "self-sabotager" who is destined for mediocrity.


Your morning routine doesn't need to be an hour long.

And it doesn't need to be another stressful thing you "should" do.

Your morning practice has to feel GOOD AND EASY. 

You want to do it because you enjoy it–not one of those things where your force yourself to do it until you enjoy it.

Not only that, but 20 minutes each day will make a huge dent if you use them wisely.

When you first wake, your brain is in an "alpha" state which is just like how you feel when you meditate. 

This is when your mind is most impressionable because you're relaxed and open to new ideas.

What you do in those precious 20 minutes is what matters most.

If you're checking Facebook, email, the news and stuff, then you're giving away all your power. You're letting what you see in Facebook influence your mind, determine your actions and course of your day. 

Same goes with lying in bed replaying negative events in your life. You're giving away your power.

But if you bask in daydreams, write your goals, feel genuinely grateful, or meditate (even a few minutes), then you're impacting your brain without the ego or "what-if's" running the show. 

You're actually changing every other small action you take that day, and your entire life.

Isn't that amazing?!

I get messages everyday saying..
"Carla I write in my Gratitude app everyday. I've been writing in it for months and although it's helped, I still feel stuck. What is wrong with me?"

I'm sharing this with you because I use to wonder the same thing...

A five-minute gratitude practice is amazing and will make an impact but it's not enough...

You get bombarded with messages that you aren't enough all day long...

The news is a fear-making machine. 
Advertisements are pumpelting your self-confidence like Mike Tyson. 
Most food in the supermarkets are wrecking your gut and brain.

You NEED time to invest in YOURSELF every day to weed out old limiting beliefs and armor up for the subtle messages, products and people that are toxic. 

"Fake It 'til You Make It" Is the WORSE ADVICE EVER.

You've been told to...

...Fake it 'til you make it, especially if you want to be successful.

...they're setting you up to FAIL!

Here's why it's the worst advice you could ever follow.

If you're faking it, you're literally telling yourself inside your mind, "I am going to fake this."

"I am a fake."

"I am inauthentic."

"I am not real."

"I am not able to do this."

This is a lie! 

This is setting you up to believe that you don't have what it takes.

You CAN be successful doing what you love.
You CAN feel confident in your decisions.
You CAN have fun and enjoy life.
So what do you do instead?

Simple. "Act as if."

"Act as if" instructs your mind to look for the source of what you want inside of you. It assumes what you want is already there, you just have to find and develop it.

This sends your mind to very powerful questions...

What would I do? 
What would I say? 
How would I act?
How would I behave? 
How would I dress? 
How would I approach people?

It puts the power in you because it brings the action out of you, rather than looking for motivation outside of you.

All of a sudden your entire perspective changes.

Comparison is evil...

You've been told that you should be successful by a certain time.

...that you should be wealthy in 12 weeks...or skinnier in 3 weeks...

Your goal is a LIFELONG healthy lifestyle and YOUR life is different than Julie, Betty or whoever.

Everybody's body, mind and spirit are different. You can't look at Julie who was successful in weeks and say "well I'm still not there after my first month so I'm failing and I'm gonna quit" 

That's why we quit right?!

...Because we're comparing our results to someone else's! Maybe Julie doesn't have kids! Maybe she has family connections.

Are you getting this?!

Pretending to be like someone else puts you on the wrong track.

You are unique and the world needs that!

Your ideas, talents, aspirations and perspectives are a big treasure and comparing it to others keeps it buried. 

So instead of "act as if", ask yourself the question "What would or how would I do _____?"

If I am going to act as if I were the greatest business woman in the world, what would the greatest business woman in the world do in this situation? How would she behave?

This puts me in the driving seat on my timeline with my best assets.

The "fake it 'til you make it" advice gets handed out like Halloween candy and it holds you back.

It's BS, don't listen to it! Replace that with "act as if."

When you act as if you're confidence shines and that brings out the behaviors, the attitude, the actions - everything you need to lifelong purpose.
Everything you learned is pretty awesome and on point, right?
Has it opened your mind and changed the way you think about your power over your life?

Now you know the TRUTH that...

1. Negative emotions are actually helpful...

2. The first 20 minutes of your day are the most impactful...

3. The Fake-it-til-you-make-it stuff simply doesn't work....

The question is...

Do you want my help to implement all of this and make it super easy in your life to start getting results RIGHT NOW?

If "yes", I have something for you...
No more self-proclaimed "gurus" who haven't done the work (or aren't even being coached themselves)...

A tried and true blueprint for your success...

A complete playbook for you to follow...
Limitless Lifestyle Is A Proven 6 Step Process That Will Re-Wire Your 'Subconscious Mind' For Faster Permanent Expectation Transformation in Just 4 Weeks

Once You Join Limitless Lifestyle You Will..
 You will literally CRAVE waking early for your "happy hour" like you currently crave hitting the snooze button...
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 You will tap into incredible confidence that will kick in just when you need it...
 You will become unstoppable because your intuition and foresight are on fire...
 Your intuition will drive you forward instead of exhausting yourself with willpower or force...
 You will stop making excuses because you have positive expectations and incredible momentum...
 You will be confident about your desires knowing that you deserve them and no longer care what others think of you...
 You will look at yourself in the mirror and love the person looking back at you. 

Step 1
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as seen in
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Katie W.
"I loved this program - it really helped me. Carla did an amazing job building the group. It was a perfect size. I'm grateful Carla made this opportunity possible for me to get to know her and evolve. She made it happen and we are better people because of it. I am." 
Cobie G.
"I tracked my actions on a chart and noticed a shift in my perspective. Today I spent the whole day prepping for my daughters third birthday party tomorrow. After three kids and lots of parties, this is something that had come to feel like a day long painful chore. Today however I saw happiness in doing some tasks and enjoyed my day for the most part. Feels good to enjoy things again."
Gina G.
"Carla's very transparent and disclosed a lot of information to me right from the start. The tools, practices, and inspirational guests were just what I was looking for to get a kickstart on what I later learned was my desire to have a prosperity consciousness. I went from being pretty competitive on the road and now I'm seeing that I'm so much more relaxed when I'm behind the wheel. I also manifested paying myself back for a trip that I put on credit card, and the courage and faith to move forward in stepping up to make amends to a couple of people I had wronged in the distant past."
Kelly R.
Do you want me to help unleashing miracles in 30 days and finally get the life you deserve?
No matter what happened in your life, there are only 2 questions. What do you want to become and what price are you willing to pay to get there? I'm here to remind you that human potential is nearly limitless. I want to pull people out of the matrix of self-doubt, societal fears and worthiness to a place where they are fully aware of HOW to create the life they desire while impacting the world.
  •  Helped hundreds of thousands discover gratitude: by launching the first Gratitude app
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