Mar 31, 2020

How To Change Your Fate With Just One Simple Thought

In this episode I share the simple tactic that will take tragedies and turn them into triumphs. This is the exact same tactic that has helped shift friends out of a downward spiral during job loss, divorce, cancer and the seasonal "funk". Because it was the worse of times and it was the best of times... or so it seems.

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Mar 27, 2020

The Financial Jumpstart That No One Is Talking About

This is a message that I've been sharing with local businesses, my VIP clients, masterminds and family and friends to help them create their own financial stimulus package. The opportunities are there, it's just that no one has taught you how to see them. Instead, we are being sold fear, scarcity, and uncertainty. It's time to take back your control and create your own future.

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Mar 24, 2020

How A Simple Interruption Can Stop The Downward Spiral

Tired of being overwhelmed and unsure how this will play out? The world is changing more than most of us have seen in our lifetimes. This podcast shares how interrupting your thoughts can make you mentally stronger than ever. Now more than ever, people are suffering from insomnia, short tempers and panic attacks, not knowing how to handle all this information and stress. Your mindset matters, your confidence is key and it is up to you to make the shift.

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Mar 19, 2020

How To Get Your Loved Ones To Change When They Don't Want To

When you experience breakthroughs on your spiritual journey, they feel so amazing that it's only natural that you would want the same for your loved ones. You see how they are self-sabotaging and you so desperately want to help them. In this episode, I share how you can get them to want to start their own journey and it isn't through rationalizing or throwing logic in their face.

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Mar 10, 2020

Money Manifests From Your Confidence, Not From Your Ideas

An interesting question came up after one of my Money Mindset talks. On today's episode of talk about why you feel like you're missing out on big ideas. How to work your idea muscle so more come to you. And what to do when an idea strikes - hint, it isn't research! Find out why you should constantly be sharing your wins and how it builds up your ability to execute on ideas.

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Mar 07, 2020

Overcoming the Scars That Prevent You From Receiving Help

Do you fear asking for help? Does it make you feel weak or like a burden on others? The fear of asking for help is a social stigma that has been planted into your beliefs in your childhood. Help is also an absolute requirement if you ever want any level of success and freedom. In this podcast, you discover why asking for help feels so icky and where to look for help so you feel confident in receiving it.

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Mar 03, 2020

How To Stop Straining For Answers & Letting Your Intuition Guide You

When we are struggling to see, we strain our eyes. The same goes for when we are having a hard time hearing. We strain to listen. But you don't increase your ability to see or hear. Your eyes aren't going to suddenly gain an ability to see further and your ears won't suddenly become bionic. The same goes with searching for answers. We strain to find them but that effort actually blocks them off. So instead of straining, I'm going to teach you how to let it go and allowing your intuition to guide you instead.

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Feb 28, 2020

The Messed Up Truth About Money Vibration

This is a special episode specifically for anyone who is dealing with "money blocks". A lot of gurus are telling you the same old cookie cutter solution that doesn't work. They are misleading and in truth, creating a lot of hardships. So in this special episode, I give you the truth about money vibration and how you can use it to your advantage. I also gift you a free training I did for my Inner Circle (link below).

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Feb 25, 2020

Steal My Secret Process For Getting More Done

Today you're going to hear about something BIG that happening in our tribe. I'll also be revealing the one small shift I use to get more done in less time. We have a special gift for you to help you with your manifesting goals in 2020, so grab that as well in the show notes!

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Feb 22, 2020

How Years Of Illness And Trauma Were Resolved in Weeks

Brenda's story is like so many and will help a lot of listeners. For years she and her husband were searching for answers about his extreme fatigue and other illnesses. Every test came up blank and every remedy failed. Until they banded together and they shifted their mindset, allowing the healing to begin.

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Feb 18, 2020

The 3-Minute Morning Routine Of The Ultra Successful

While most people are reaching for their phone first thing in the morning, the ultra successful are using those first few minutes of their day reprogramming their subconscious using this single technique that has helped astronauts, olympic athletes, top performers and millionaires. Discover how you can make it work for you. And best of all, you don't even have to get out of bed to do it.

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Feb 12, 2020

My FREE Valentines Gift To YOU

Happy Valentines Day Radical Shifters!! You are my favorite people and I want to thank you for tuning in each week, so I'm gifting you Gratitude Journal app for FREE. Gratitude isn't just a woo-woo airy-fairy thing. It's actually the ONE thing that the top industries are trying to prevent in your life. It's taking control of your thoughts, life and future in a way that will increase your confidence, give you clarity and unleash everything great in your life.

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Feb 11, 2020

When the Pressure Goes Up...How to Not Just Survive But THRIVE

Three things that I do to help survive and thrive the winter of live - the stress and pressure of everything from my health, business, relationships and mental strength. In this episode, I get personal and vulnerable, sharing an embarrassing and painful setback and how I got through it. I give three solid tips that will help anyone feeling pressure to get through.

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Feb 04, 2020

What Happens When You Lock Yourself In A Room With Champions For A Week

I just spent the week locked in a room filled with multimillionaires - experts in cryptocurrency, personal development, marketing, boxing, rodeo riding and teeth cleaning. The level of conversations that took place were on a whole new level. Today I share how important it is to surround yourself with driven people. And how to work through the relationships in your life that aren't reflecting the personal you want to be.

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Jan 28, 2020

The 3 Part Formula To Magnetically Attract Super Clients And Wealth

What if you could magnetically attract people you absolutely love as clients into your life? What if getting sales and money was much easier than you're making it? Today I share the 3 Part Magnetic Attraction Formula that when used will transform your business, life and wealth bringing just the right clients and projects that you love doing.

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Jan 21, 2020

The Unconscious Beliefs That Are Pushing Everything You Desire Away

A women in our 21 Day Mindset Reset came clean about the lenses holding her back. The man she loved and fathered her baby betrayed her trust and she held onto that hurt for over two decades. But in one afternoon she was able to let it free by seeing it through a new lens. It isn't so much our circumstances that are holding us back, it's how we view those circumstances. In this episode, I share three ways in which your lens might be the biggest thing holding you back

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Jan 14, 2020

When Cheap Is Expensive In the Long Run

In a world where so much information for free, why would you ever pay for it? But it's not just the information that you're paying for when you hire a coach or expert, you are buying back your time. You can get to Hawaii on your own with your own arms and legs that you got for free or you can buy a ticket. It's the exact same logic. You are shortcutting time, heartache, stress and most of all risk of getting eaten by sharks!

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Jan 09, 2020

It's Time To Let It Go

The monsters from your past are wrecking havoc on your future. As long as you keep carrying them around with you in the form of regret, anger, fear or any other lower negative vibe, they will grip you into repeating the past over and over again. In this episode, I share the unspoken method to truly forgiving those who hurt you so you can finally open to the life that was meant to be yours for way too long.

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Jan 07, 2020

Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind To Get What You Want

If you plan on hitting your 2020 goals, resolutions or making that vision board come true, what I'm sharing with you is an absolute must. You have to become a master at visualization. What I share isn't woo-woo metaphysical hype that leaves your life to chance. I'm getting into the science of how visualization works so you know exactly what to visualize, how to visualize and when.

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Jan 02, 2020

How to Stop Wishing And Start Living The Dream Life (Part 2 of 2)

Just over a month ago a woman listened to her gut and sent me a message on Instagram. She felt stuck and wanted some advice. I promised her I would do a podcast episode specifically for her question (that's part one - episode 13) if she agreed to appear on Radical Shift after going through the Mindset Reset Challenge. In part two, you hear exactly how she felt when she sent that message and what happened afterwards.

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Dec 31, 2019

Hitting Reset After Defeat–Sarah's Inspiring Story

In today's episode you meet Sarah Humphries, a successful entrepreneur who nearly went blind from the stress of running three businesses. You discover how she shifted her perspective on both success and what it takes to get there, creating a flood of creativity, energy and productivity. She managed to get more done in 10 days than she did all year. And she's going to reveal how she did it.

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Dec 26, 2019

New Year New You--My 5 Step Powerful Process To Your Best Year

Warning: Today's episode is going to be a private behind-the-scenes look at my life and business in a way I never shared before. I'm going to share how I achieved more in this past year than so many years combined. If you're ready to put 2019 behind you so you can blast into 2020 and have your best year, then this episode is for you. I share my 5 Step Powerful Process I use every year to set myself up to win.

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Dec 24, 2019

How To Win The Holidays With Confidence

We often forget how much power we have in every relationship. And how much our own confidence effects those around us. In this special episode, I'm going to share insights on how to increase your confidence so you not only survive the holidays, but see those around you in an entirely new light.

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Dec 17, 2019

How to Use Intentions & Focus to Skyrocket Your Life

No one really has a time management problem. What we really have is a focus problem. We spend all our energy worrying about the things we can't change (like the past), instead of concentrating on the things we can change (the future). One of the major reasons so few people feel stuck is that most people aren't clear about their dreams let alone the details to make them a reality, so they easily get distracted. Most people want financial security, but have never considered how much money it will take. The mind cannot begin to formulate the strategies and actions required without specific information. Your mind simply doesn't respond to "I'm going to get rich, have more, do better or make money." The juice is in the nitty gritty details and I share exactly how to use those details so you're never distracted again.

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Dec 12, 2019

You Don't Have A Money Problem, You Have A Skill Problem

Today we study the one skill that comes to us naturally but are told through our formative years not to use. And because it isn't nurtured, most would rather be broke than learning how to do this one thing. Money isn't the root cause of the problem. The problem is that you lack this accessible and high income skill. Follow Carla on Instagram: Follow Carla on Facebook: Follow Carla on Twitter:

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Dec 10, 2019

The Game Changing Neuroscience of A Millionaire Mind

I want you to understand that you will never become a millionaire until you learn to how to think like one. The way that people making millions of dollars think is extremely different to the way broke people think. In fact, the conversations are not the same. For example, broke people use a lot of limiting words because they have a lot of limiting beliefs. In this episode, we dig deep into the neuroscience and organic chemical composition of the wealthy person's brain. You discover new ways of "thought-hacking" your brain to shift it from being "negative bias" into receiving ideas, confidence, and connections that will lead to new prosperity.

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Dec 03, 2019

How One Decision Took Michelle From Depression To Living Her Dream (Part 2 of 2)

In the second part of Michelle's story, you discover how following her heart healed it. But the biggest part of following her heart wasn't the fear of failure or the scale of her dream, but rather what people would think of her. In this jaw-dropping episode, you hear how she overcame that fear and what that big amazing dream of hers actually is.

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Nov 29, 2019

How to Stop Wishing And Start Living The Dream Life (Part 1 of 2)

This is another special 2-part episode where I answer a listener's question about "being stuck". She has the education, experience, but can't see how she can get out of the grind of life. In this first part, I give you the answer to creating momentum towards the life that you know is possible. And in the second part, I'll interview the listener to see if the advice I gave her actually worked!

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Nov 26, 2019

How One Decision Took Michelle From Depression To Living Her Dream (Part 1 of 2)

Her story is like so many others. Michelle had a loving family and home, yet she still was slipping deeper into depression, and she felt GUILTY for not being happy. She constantly wondered what was wrong with her. That's how Michelle went into 2019; depressed, scared and alone. Today, she is making her life long dream a reality and it all started with one decision. In this episode you get to eavesdrop on a conversation I had with Michelle earlier this year, while she was still in the messy middle, not sure if she had what it took but knowing she could never go back. This is part one of a two part series so you can see just how far she came in one year, despite having perhaps the most disasters happen in her life. She kept moving forward and you'll discover how she did it.

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Nov 21, 2019

Powerful Tip to Increasing Intuition and Stopping Burnout Today (Part 2 of 2)

This episode is raw and real, and I get rather vulnerable. It's part two of my intuition series and in this episode I share where those gut feelings come from and how we are all connected, even with those who passed. So if you ever wanted to feel the presence of another person, living or deceased, this episode combines scientific research with personal experiences, both my own and close friends who have "messages from the other side".

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